A whole new generation of children with disabilities is being born who are condemned to face this future. These children will very rarely make it into employment and are unlikely to be able to live independent lives. Without a transformative change in the system, new services, new technologies and approaches, and despite the best intentions in the world, the day to day practice of learning will not change. EMx hopes to catalyse this change by reaching out to all those who believe they can make a difference.

Join us with your ideas, your expertise, and your support !

The Enable Makeathon Methodology

The Enable Makeathon works with startups and innovators to design, prototype, test, and take their Assistive Technology product, process, and service for persons with disabilities to the market. By uniting an entire ecosystem of institutions committed to eradicating the exclusion of persons with disabilities, with unparalleled expertise from business, entrepreneurship and design, we aim to stimulate new Assistive Technology (AT) innovation, primarily in developing countries.

After successfully conducting two iterations of EM1 and EM2, our focus with EMx is to help develop solutions for children with disabilities, particularly in the areas of “Early Intervention and Inclusive Education”.

Competition Overview

Shortlisted teams will participate in an intensive 15-day Co-Creation Bootcamp in Bangalore, followed by a 70 day process of testing and prototyping marketable solutions. Top 3 teams selected during the Demo Day will win product development grants upto $25,000 to develop their ideas, along with incubation and networking support from our ecosystem partners.

Across the EMx process, participants will receive the following :

  • Access to users, during co-creation who can help you prototype and test.
  • Designers to help understand user journeys and help create/ adapt your products.
  • Facilities and experts for quick prototyping/ fabrication to make a MVP.
  • Mentors customised to your needs, be they business, IT, engineers, designers.
  • IT expertise on everything from App making support, to AI, to website design.
  • Access to people with special needs education, inclusive education, disability expertise.
  • A prototyping budget and will help you source your materials.
  • Access to special needs and inclusive schools.
  • Young entrepreneurs and business school faculty to help with your business planning.
  • Access to investors and incubators to work with and pitch to ( all teams that made it to our 2nd round were given incubation)

EMx India

Who Can Apply?

Startups, innovators, and non profits working on solutions for children with disabilities and their parents.


Mainstream services in early childhood and education, interested in making their products accessbile.


Startups, innovators, and non profits working on solutions for children with disabilities and their parents.

“When you pay attention to the beginning of the story, you can change the whole story”.

-Raffi Cavoukian

EMx 2020 Challenges

The theme for EMx 2020 is Early Intervention and Inclusive Education.
We aim to crowd source solutions related to challenges faced by children with disabilities in these four areas :



The first two editions of the Makeathon were organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Here are some highlights from the EM2 Demo Day 2017, held in New Delhi, India.

Our Partners


Inkludo Consulting & Advisory

At Inkludo, we lay the foundation for organisations that create impact and profit and support them to reach their potential scale. Inkludo has offices in London and Bangalore, We work with startups focussed on social impact. We help them idea on specific challenges and help them innovate through a co-creation process that leads directly into incubation. This is an active process for selecting and (de-selecting) start-ups to get the right teams, the right products and the right business plans. At the centre of our work is a beneficiary or client focus and a methodology that actively connects start-ups to the ecosystem of stakeholders and to clients.